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Ever since I was 5 I’ve had to be an actor. I wanted to grow up and be famous and see myself all dolled up and glamorous on the big screen. I wanted to be able to act in movies and walk on the red carpet at fancy movie premieres. Y’know? I loved watching  movies at a young age and have always been interested in film, drama and the industry.

When I was in fourth grade I started having a lot of trouble walking, severe tremors and I was very clumsy. I always had been but it just than become noticeable and a touch of a problem. Anyway, I started going to doctors appointments and they started talking tests. A lot of blood tests, urine tests, MRIs, muscle biopsies, the works.

After actually going through hell, I was finally diagnosed with Friedrich’s Ataxia. I don’t know a lot about it. It is a muscular thing, though. When I was fist diagnosed, I thought it wouldn’t really affect me. I would be normal like everyone else and I’d have a normal life. It wouldn’t affect my dream of acting because it’s what I wanted to do and I was taught that if I try I can achieve my dreams.

Since then a lot has changed. My disease has gotten worse. I’m pretty much bound to a walker now. It helps me get around and while it’s sometimes difficult I do make sure I get around. I’ve had 3 spine surgeries, very tough ones, over less than 2 years. Also, I’ve developed a heart condition, hypotropic cardio myopathy. Basically, what I have is degenerative and it’s terminal.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to let this bring me down. I still have this dream to be a famous actor, to be in the movies. To see my name up in lights. It’s been my dream for a long time. I’m not very sure where to start or how to get involved so i thought I’m come to tumblr and share my story. Maybe someone here will see my story and want to help. I guess asking people to reblog this would help so reblog it please.

Thank you. I appreciate you helping make my dream come true.


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